Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nuthin' says lovin' like something from the oven

Captain Willie and his First Mate Harry sat in the tiny cockpit, each man having just barely enough space to fit his legs under his respective instrument panel.
“So what do you have planned for when we get to Charleston? That’s your hometown isn’t it?” asked Harry.
“Gonna visit my mama first off, ‘course! You got somethin’ special planned?”
“Food, food and more food! I came by this stomach honestly you know.” Harry chuckled.
The captain chuckled as well.
“I’m gonna start by going to my favorite restaurant and ordering the biggest helping of Jambalaya they’ve ever served up! And I’m gonna follow it with Gumbo with okra and freshly caught shrimp, squash and ham soup, any kind of fritters. And don’t forget orange-glazed sweet potatoes!”
Captain Willie nodded agreement, “Yeah, I go for anything fried, especially fritters. Can’t be frying up stuff on this crate; one spark and the damn thing would catch afire and we’d all be done for.”
“This is just about the time of the year for fried green tomatoes.” said Harry.
You know what I miss most of all? Eggs.  And I mean just about anything to do with eggs. Fry ‘em, devil ‘em, but best of all is coconut custard pie! Yeah, my mama feeds me plenty! And after I catch-up with her news I’m goin’ out dancing and see what kind of trouble I can stir-up. Be awful nice to have some lovely perfumed ladies for company instead of sweating, stinking crewmates.”
“Not our fault there isn’t a tub on this airship! We could stop more often I suppose. Besides Kennia and Tira are ladies.”
“No,” answered the Captain. “They are co-workers. Not at all the same thing. And do not ever let Tira hear you call her a lady! Not unless you’d like a smack upside your head..”

Meanwhile Tira and Kennia were back in the airship’s interior doing routine maintenance.
“I’m looking forward to seeing my sweetheart. And some new clothes wouldn’t hurt either.”
Tira laughed, “You and your wardrobe! You already own enough clothing for three women and a drag queen! My boy isn’t expecting me back so soon. Don’t know if he’ll even be in town at all. He’s 19 now and pretty much comes and goes as he pleases just like his da.”
“You expecting to see h him while we’re in town?”
Tira snorted. “Not likely! Besides, he’s probably on the road again. You know how musicians are. Got a new lady singer friend all gussied up in lace and jewelry  no doubt, just waitin’ to be the next music hall sensation.”
“That last one was a pretty little thing and she had a really lovely voice. Whatever happened to her? Did she find a bigger and better honeypie?”
“Lord only knows what happened with her. I don’t bother keepin’ up with them now so it don’t make me no never mind.”
“You might not say that if he came a knockin’ on your door again, gal!”
“You’re dreaming! Or crazy! I had enough of that man and his conniptions years ago. I like my life nice and peaceful. And believe you me, this airship is a haven compared to what my life was like back when I was married.”

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