Monday, May 29, 2017

Where do we go from here?

When I started this story, I had it roughly blocked-out and a plan of posting new chapters every other week. This plan clearly has not worked out! This is in part due to mental health issues; depression creates a "brain fog" for me that makes it hard for me to find and use words. It's like those cartoons where the cartoon character gets hit and falls down and we see the tweety-birds and stars circling over the character's head, almost out of reach.

I feel a lot better now but I need to rethink how this project is developed. It is tons of FUN, so I don't intend to toss it out! But I am leaning towards taking down the blog and just writing this as a regular novel and then publish the whole thing at once.  

What do y'all think? If there is still anyone watching (and I will certainly understand if there isn't!!!)