Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dreams and Schemes

Kennia and the Coquettes had enjoyed a truly magnificent meal and were catching-up on all the local gossip as they digested their repast.
“Are y’all going down to the Bath house?
“Gal, you know what that salt water does to my complexion.  And that beach sand! Gets all up in ma bloomies if ya know what I mean.” Carlotta winked.
“And her hair gets all frizzy too, no matter how much Macassar oil she puts on it!” said Sabrietta.
“You mean ole thing!” snapped Carlotta. “You are the last person who should be talking about frizzy hair.” She snapped her fan open in front of her face with a pop and glared over its lace edge at her companions.
“Now y’all, lets not get all upset and spoil my first evening back home,” interposed Kennia.
“Oh, she’s just jealous of me. Like always.”
“Y’all are such a cliché,” laughed said Ermengarde. “I’m off to the dance floor now. You two can have your catfight without me!”
“Well I intend to eat myself silly so I definitely am having pound cake. With ice cream.” said Kennia.  “And a fresh cup of tea.”
 “I’ll fetch if for you Miss Kennia. I know just how you like it, with just a splash of whiskey.”
“Thank you, cherie. I surely do appreciate it.”


Meanwhile on the western side of the Appalachian Mountains, activities of an entirely different sort were underway. . .

 Two men stood in a small valley cutting into the mountainside. Both were dressed in fringed buckskin frontier gear that  somehow not fight entirely right on them.
“Ja, dokter hebben we gevonden wat we nodig hadden.”
“Speak English!” snapped the older man. “Ve do not vant to arouse the suspicions.”
The younger man shrugged since he knew better than to point-out that the older man’s heavily accented English would scarcely fool a small child.
“I am cautiously optimistic that we have found what we need. Now if we can only work in peace.”
“Excellent! Proceed according to plan. Ve need this endeavour to be successful as soon as possible. Much is dependent upon it! Soon the others will arrive und ve must be prepared.”
“Of course sir.” He hesitated before continuing. “There has been some trouble with the camp guards lately. They do not seem to understand the need for secrecy I’m afraid.”
“Then make them understand! I hafe no time for this!” He turned on his heel and walked away, signifying that the conversation was finished as at least as far as he was concerned. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Charleston Rice Forum

Artist Jonathan Green launches an important forum on local culture

"Jonathan Green wants to start a conversation. It's a conversation about rice and a conversation about history. And more than anything, it's about a vibrant West African-based culture that flourished for over two centuries in the Lowcountry of South Carolina but is seldom discussed today.
The need for that discussion was the impetus for the Lowcountry Rice Forum, a three-day event that kicks off Thursday evening and brings together scholars, artists, educators, and cooks. The larger goal, as Green articulates it, is to get people together "to have a conversation about the landscape of the South and how it came to be."

Friday, September 6, 2013

Indian Child Welfare Act

RavenHawk Radio Presents: Stolen Children

"A conversation about ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) and how it effects Native American Children today."

For over 200 years the Settler governments of the US and Canada removed Indian children from their homes and families in an effort to destroy their cultures and force them to assimilate to Settler norms. The idea was that "you must kill the Indian to save the man." Colonized peoples all over this planet no doubt recognize this process and understand the devastation it has caused in Indigenous societies.