Monday, August 1, 2011

Headin' on out

(note Gentle Reader that this is actually July's story post so you can expect another one for August as well)

Several hours later,  the crew heard their captain hollering for them as he headed back up the trail. Finally! They were more than glad to head southeast and out of the mountains with their treacherous gusts and eddies.

After climbing up the rope ladder and entering through the hatch, Captain Willie was not a happy man. Clearly the intelligence he’d received from Captain Chavis had not pleased him.
“Harry? Harry! I need that damn navigator now!” snapped the captain. Where is that sorry-ass fellow? Ain’t seen hardly hide nor hair of him this entire trip!”
“In the cockpit taking a nap. Old Toby is sitting in his favourite hammock. I’ll prod him awake.” Kennia headed towards the small cockpit. 
“What’s the plan now, Captain?”
“The plan is that we ain’t nosing around any more, that’s the plan! We’re gonna pick-up some speed and head back to Charleston, that’s the plan. And we’ve gotta keep both eyes open the whole time while we’re at it. I am awful tired of being pinned in and I want open sky as soon as possible, understand?”

“What about the little, smelly man?”
“Eh, what the hell are you talking about?”
“Our passenger. The one taking up space and contributing nothing.”
“He is a right pain, Captain”
“Oh, yeah, right. Guess we got to set him down somewhere. Can’t just chuck him out the hatch. Reckon he’ll be ok if we leave him at the next Trading Post. He can go on by foot from there to where ever. I ‘m all for gettin’ the hell outa these mountains before we break something!”