Sunday, October 20, 2013

Native American Tribal Nations Map

Native American Tribal Nations Map: Our Original Names and Locations

This fantastic resource is best described by the words of its creator:


These maps present every documented, known Native American and First Nations tribes that were here in the United States and Canada in Pre-Contact times. All of the tribal nations documented here are in their original locations before the European Invasion affected their movement and displacement. Most of the names of tribes are in their own language, and are  not the names given to them either by the invading Europeans or even other tribes. For example, we correctly use the name Numinu for what most Americans would call the Comanche Nation. The Sioux are referred to here in their own language as the Lakota. Unfortunately, many of the tribes here are indeed listed by their given name. Their original names were lost in the War against the Indians which left many tribes numberless, or forced remnant bands to amalgamate into larger, stronger tribes. We seek here to honor those hundreds of tribal nations who existed in their respective territories for millennia unscathed until the encroachment of Europeans. This is a tribute to all of those forgotten tribes whose names had been lost to the wind, but who live in the hearts and minds of modern-day Native Americans who managed to survive the largest full-scale holocaust in Man's history. We also honor the Indigenous Nations of this land by giving them ownership of their own names for themselves.

Clicking on the link (at the top of this post) takes you to the website where you can download a free PDF of the map or purchase a larger version, suitable for hanging in a classroom or cultural center.

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