Friday, August 31, 2012

Almost home

Captain Willie came back from the tiny galley with a large mug of stew in hand just a few moments later. “Yep, y’all were right, that bread ain’t fit to eat. But the stew’s right good with black-eyed peas and carrots and all in it.”
“Yeah but they’re cooked to mush.”
“That’s good. Saves on the chewin’. Besides, ya pour enough hot pepper sauce over it and that’s all you taste anyway.”
"True that!" The two women nodded in agreement.

Tira remarked, “When we get to Charleston we’ll need to top-off at the hydrogen fuelling station, ya know?”
Said the Captain after he finished up. “How’s she doing otherwise?”
“Not too bad,” answered Tira. “Some things need replacing but then, don’t they always? We’re not fallin’ outa the sky anytime soon, though. I hope.”

“I heard that Crazy Man Mike is gonna be out of the hospital and back in the air by the time we get to Charleston.”
“How come he’s called Crazy Man Mike?” asked Kennia.
“Cuz,” answered Captain Willie, “He heads off in the direction he needs to go and doesn’t stop until he gets there. No matter what. Doesn’t matter what might happen to be in the way, he just goes right through it. Or tries to anyway. Doesn’t work so good with things like brick buildings and such.”
“He’s a courier and he gets things gone to where they need to be!” snapped Tira. “Don’t be talkin’ trash about him now.”
 "You sound a little bit sweet on him, Tira!" laughed Kennia. "I thought you said that you'd sworn off men for good."
"Ahhhh, I see you have a secret lover man now!" said the Captain.

Pictures courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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