Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Way Down on the Pee Dee River

As the Sandflea followed the course of the Greater Pee Dee river southward, they passed over a series of water-driven mills. This of course prompted the  two mechanically inclined crew members to discuss the subject!

“Yeah, I hear they’ve got some sorta new kind of water turbine. Supposed to be way more efficient. It was invented by a fella by the name of Pelton,” said Tira.
“Well, I’ve heard that there are some folks who want to dam-up entire rivers. That sure would be plenty of water power.”
Tira snorted, “What kind of idiot thinks that would be a good idea? I mean what happens to all the fish? And the folks downstream who need the water? And to folks who live in the river valleys? Sounds completely insane to me!”
“I agree, it’s a Tom Fool idea. But you know how some people think. Bigger has always got to be better.”

“When we reach Charleston you can get some more of those science magazines What is the name of the one that you like so much, Science in America or something like that?”
“Scientific American,” corrected Tira. “And yeah, the latest issues should have arrived on the mailboat by the time we reach Charleston. But you know how that goes. Maybe it will be there and maybe not.”

“What are y’all goin’ on about?” asked Captain Willie as he wandered back into the engineer room.
“Aren’t you supposed to be flying this ship?” retorted Tira.
“We’re just drifting now. Not so much to do so I thought I’d get me somethin’ to eat. You ladies want anything?”
Tira glared while Kennia laughed. “What did we tell you about calling us ladies? We are hard-workin’ women! No one here is droppin’ lace hankies and sighing for her prince to come and rescue her!”
“Fine, fine! Can I get you hard-workin’ women something from the galley?”
“Naw. Bread’s gone mouldy and I’m tired of stew.” answered Kennia. "Can't say that I'm all that hungry anyhow."

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