Sunday, October 23, 2011


A few hours later with the Sandflea at a safe height above the trees and out of the Blue Ridge Mountains proper, her crew gathered round their captain to discuss their next move.
“Time for a confabulation, y’all! Thanks to all this mysterious nonsense goin’ on, we need a new plan.”
“What was our plan to begin with?” asked Harry.
Kennia snorted. “Try staying awake during briefings!”
“I just pilot this bird, I don’t decide where to take her. Just go whichever direction y’all point to.”
“Check-in with the Catawbas, then east to contact the Cheraws and a longer stopover when we come to Tuscarora territory. After that due south till we hit Charleston,” answered Tira.
Captain Willie responded, “First we continue to Catawba territory as scheduled. Maybe they’ve heard something.”
“Sometime soon we’ve got to stop for maintenance. Wouldn’t do to fall out of the sky at the wrong moment,” said Harry.
“What would be the right moment?” snickered Kennia.


  1. Charleston.

    I can't wait till the story gets there. I do love me some Charleston.

    Did you used to go with us to visit Bill there? Seems to me that you must've.

  2. I think the last time I was in Charleston was after an SCA event in the late 1980s! :-)