Sunday, May 30, 2010

Border-crossing chapter 2

A few minutes later they had recovered and climbed the latter to the main section of the airship so Tira could report the recent events to the Captain. Captain Willie James was a large, dark-skinned man with closely cropped hair and the world’s longest eyelashes.

The first words out of his mouth were, “What is that man still doing on my ship? He had better be a paying passenger because he sure as hell ain’t no cargo.”
“And what about his package, Tira? I don’t see any sign of it!” interrupted Kennia. She was in charge of contraband, mysterious substances and packages.
Old Toby snorted, “Yeah, I got it right here, “ and patted his vest. It rustled in response. Kennia stuck-out her right hand. “I’ll take it then, if you please sir.”

Old Toby wriggled out of the aforementioned garment and deftly began producing a series of paper-stuffed envelops with almost comical gyrations as he twisted and turned it to reach the different hidden pockets. Kennia patiently collected each from him.
“Package delivered in full and on time,” snapped Old Toby. “Feel free to just kick me outta the hatch now. Not like ya need me for nothin’ now that the Patrollers are on to me!”

Captain Willie ignored him and turned to Kennia, “What’s he got for us this time?”
Kennia sorted through the packets and shrugged, “just the usual. New dates and times for deliveries. Most of this is of no use to us. If there is a leak in the pipeline, we’ll have to reschedule everything and change all our passwords.”
“Including the saltpetre deliveries?”
“Especially them.”
“Lotta folks at headquarters are not gonna be happy about this,” Captain Willie turned away in disgust. He pointed at Old Toby, “oh, and you’re coming with us to explain in person, old man!”
“Oh, no I’m not! I’m just the deliveryman. I don’t know nothin’ about nothin’ and I don’t wanna go with y’all any further than I have to.”

“Somehow I don’t remember anyone asking you if you wanted to follow along,” smirked Kennia. “Besides, the further you are from the Border, the safer you are from Patrollers. We’re not the only folks skulking about where we shouldn’t be.”
“He doesn’t want to enter Cherokee Country is all,” said Tira. “Old Toby here is scared witless of Indians.” She laughed.

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