Monday, April 12, 2010

No Fate 2010-04-12

“. . .colonial officials also began to fear that their policy of promoting conflicts among the southeastern Indians might backfire and evoke a widespread rebellions. As early as 1705, Governor Moore was warned by the Cherokees to desist from the ‘trade of Indians or slave making’ and return to ‘the trade for skins and furs.’” However, Moore and Carolina did not heed the warning, and in 1715, the Creeks and Yamasees grew so ‘Dissatisfied with the Traders’ that they determined to ‘fall on the Settlement.’ They almost destroyed Carolina.”

Martin, Joel W. “Indians and the English Trade in Skins and Slaves” In The Forgotten Centuries: Indians and Europeans in the American South 1521-1704. The University of Georgia Press, 1994.

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